Dandruff Relief Oil


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Dandruff Relief Oil (formerly Crown oil) is the perfect hair care regimen for your hair/beard.

Are you ready to drive them wild YOUR Hair/Beard tells a story and since no two heads/beards are alike our Dandruff Relief oil has been formulated to optimize the health of your beard/hair by encouraging it to grow, stay healthy, reduce breakage, soften and keep the dandruff away. 

So, get rid of your weak, brittle, dandruff obsessed hair and get ready for compliments.

 Packaged in a dark color bottle (which helps preserve the oils and increase shelf life).

  • Softer Hair/Beard
  • Locks in Scalp/Skin Moisture
  • Soothes Itching
  • 100% Natural & Vegan
  • 1 oz. dropper bottle

A little goes a long way with this product; you don't need a lot!


Organic Avocado oil - Stimulates hair growth, helps soothe dry itchy skin, combats dry damaged hair

Organic Black Seed oil- Strengthens hair, softens skin

Organic Castor oil - Hydrates the skin, helps to seal in moisture and promote hair growth

Lavender oil - Soothes skin, promotes hair growth, helps to prevent hair loss

Organic Sweet Almond Oil - Softening and conditioning to skin and hair

Tea Tree oil - Controls dandruff, moisturizes hair, helps to unclog hair follicles and nourish roots, hair growth

Vitamin E - Natural oil preservative and gives an antioxidant boost

Lemongrass oil - Thicker, softer, shiner hair, also helps in reducing dandruff. Lemongrass is effective in preventing hair loss. It strengthens the hair follicles and prevents hair from damage. It has antibacterial properties.


How to use

Beard - For best results apply needed amount to beard after showering, be sure to pat beard dry before application or after applying hot towel to face and beard area.

Hair - For best results apply needed amount to hair after washing, be sure to pat hair dry before application or after applying warm mist of water to hair.

Dandruff - For best results use dropper to apply to scalp and rub and/or massage into the scalp.


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